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  1. Hi, I’ve just read your ‘How to buy a car in Chile’ guide and it was SO helpful! I have one question – we are planning to travel throughout South America for about 6 months, would the temporary RUT card suffice as long as we leave Chile within 3 months? I.E. do other countries check your RUT as well, or is it just entering/exiting Chile that you need to present it? Thanks.

    1. Hi, glad it was helpful! We only have a temporary one. You can get a new 3 month temporary one if you need it to sell the car. No other countries need it. I wouldn’t bother trying to get the permanent card. Happy travels!

  2. Hi guys, our family is loving your reviews on ioverlander, thanks for those! We imagined you more as 50 ssmtg though, vrry funny! Ciao from Gipsy family from oz

  3. hello
    we are a couple franco-spanish and we have a problem… i see you had the same (ioverlander). We couldn’t pass fromk chile to peru with our Kombi because we dont have a RUT and the car is at the name of a chilen friend. Did you try to pass by Bolivia? where? did it works? because we already try ti pass in bolivia but the aduana bolivian didn’t let us pass.
    we are a little bit desperate.
    thank you

    1. Hi Francois, Im afraid I can’t help you with your issue. We were unable to pass from Arica to Peru because we are not residents of Chile; a requirement written into law specifically for this border only. We were able to go into Bolivia because the car is in our names on the Padron. If you do not own the car you are driving then any country has the right to deny you entry. Perhaps ask this question on the ‘Panamerican Travellers Association’ facebook page? Anyone travelling on a poder (permission from the owner of the vehicle) will beexperienced with your issue. Good luck!

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