Ella is for Sale!  


Update June 2017 - Ella has been Sold and continues her life as an Overlanding vehicle


Looking for your next overlanding vehicle? You've come to the right place! The time has come for us to part with our wonderful 4Runner. Titled in Chile, she comes with everything you need for an amazing Panamerican trip... including the kitchen sick!  


****Take a video walkthrough****

We've posted a bunch of videos on our YOUTUBE channel, showing the car in its current condition.  We've documented all the modifications we've made, and are pretty sure you will fall in love with her; just like we have. 

Videos available:  

 - Exterior of the vehicle, bugproofing, external storage 
 -  Electrical system, dual battery setup 
 - Water Tanks and system 
 - Kitchen area and cooking 
 - Inside the vehicle, internal build and storage

Want to know more? Scroll down for all the details, and write to us if you need more information at anita.cripps(at)gmail(dot)com 


2007 Toyota 4Runner 2WD V6 SR5 (4th Gen)

 - Automatic Transmission
 - Approx. 185,000km at time of sale (might be a little more, but probably less)
 - Rear Wheel Drive
 - Fuel Consumption – Approx. 550km per 65L tank (averaged out, in our personal experience)
  - 4x GT Radial All Terrain Tyres installed by us in Uruguay, Spare in perfect condition (never used)
 - Airbags as standard
 - Cruise Control/ AC/etc (all the standard things for this model)
 - 2WD – no, 4wd is not ‘necessary’.  We’ve never been restricted from going anywhere we wanted, and have been more adventurous than most.  Power and clearance (which this vehicle has) has been far more important. When we were looking for our vehicle in Santiago we decided to go for a newer, better maintained, more reliable vehicle over a 4x4, and we’ve never regretted our decision.  We have never had any mechanical issues, besides general maintenance (oil changes, tyres, etc). We've driven on remote sandy beaches, cleared muddy washouts, done the Bolivia southwest circuit and Uyuni salt flats...we've even easily completed the Mapiri loop (its kinda what the Death Road used to be, before it got touristy).

You name it, we've probably done it.


 - Dual Battery system, with automatic isolator (to prevent draining the starter battery).  Outlets installed in cabin to provide both 220V and 12V power (Chilean fittings, and adapters provided). 750W inverter, and plug to switch the cabin electricity to a 220V power source when available.
  -  2x 15L Onboard water tanks, installed under the vehicle, with electric pumps to bring the water into the cabin.
 - 5L cooking gas cylinder (Chilean), with fittings and cooktop to allow easy cooking inside or outside the vehicle, without moving the bottle.  Easy on/off regulator for safe removal during transit.
  -  Rooftop box, with straps to give strength in strong winds (necessary in Patagonia).  The box holds a huge amount of stuff safely and securely.
  - 12V 8L Waeco Fridge (Australian), installed in rooftop box.  Dual 220V and 12V converter for fridge installed under the hood, with switch to choose power source.  
 -  Double bed (110cmx190cm) in rear, designed specifically to allow space to move inside/sit up in bed/cook/ etc during foul weather.
  -  Removable Benchtop/camp table. Can be used indoor and out.
  - Storage space installed in both sides of the vehicle, sufficient for clothing and personal items for 2 people.
  -Additional storage on both passenger doors, to keep personal items and camp chairs (also adds additional security by barring access to the cabin).   
 - Full cabin lighting, connected directly to house battery.
 -  Blackout curtains throughout (vehicle does not look occupied at night when all curtains closed, particularly useful when stealth camping)
 - Full safety kit (extinguisher, triangles, etc as legally required for South America)
 - Dash cam  - we've never had an accident, but we captured a Puma AND a Jaguar on the road in front of us... we would have missed out on those photos without the trusty Dash cam! 


Basically everything – we do not plan to take anything home (except personal items). Some inclusions are:

 - 8L Waeco Fridge (Australian)
 - Camp chairs and table
 - All cooking equipment for 2 people – including a 2L slow cooker (Australian), 2 Slice toaster, Juicer, etc.
 - Inflatable Lilos for swimming (they have a beer can holder… that’s important!)
 - Basic tools and supplies for routine maintenance.
 - Tarp, Tent, 2 sleeping bags – for nights away from the car in Torres Del Paine and other amazing overnight hiking destinations.
 - More stuff not worth listing – just assume you won’t need to buy much…. Probably just little things like new sheets to make it your own little home. Chile has huge homemaker stores with reasonably priced stuff (similar to Walmart) so its easy to get anything extra you need after arriving.

I'm a bit pedantic about keeping my stuff 'nice', so I think you will be pretty happy with the condition and cleanliness of everything.  


Registration: Chile

All Inspections, seguro and associated papers are in date. We have renewed these several times during our ownership and can explain the process for future renewals.

We have crossed all borders in South America without restriction.

We’ve kept a vague record of all the maintenance we’ve done (as in, we shoved all the receipts in the book!), and can talk you through the standard maintenance schedule – its easy stuff.  The car is up to date with its fluid and filter changes.  During our ownership we have done:

 - Standard oil and filter changes (every 10,000km)
 - Fuel Filter changes (every 20,000km)
 - Air filter changes (every 20,000km)
 - New spark plugs at 130,000km
 - New brake pads at 140,000km
 - New All Terrain tyres at 150,000km
 - New headlight bulb at 165,000km (yep, we’ve had to do so little to this car that a .30c bulb makes the list!)

Getting the vehicle into your name (100% legally!):  We literally wrote the guide overlanders use to do this, so we can walk you through it.

Price: US$10,000.   Payable in USD, Euros or Australian dollars.  Aussies are also welcome to do a bank transfer.

When:  Approximately June or July 2017. We can be flexible.

Where: Santiago de Chile

Whatsapp: +61 481 339 719